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In existographies, Ahmad Mumtaz (1940-) is a Pakistani management scientist, noted for []

In c.1974, Mumtaz was a lecturer in management science at National Institute of Public Administration, Karachi Pakistan.

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“In 1974, I was nominated to attend an advanced training course at the National Institute of Public Administration, Karachi. As a chemist working on the fundamental aspects of coordination and organometallic chemistry, it seemed odd and totally unrelated to me. However, the first lecture by [management scientist] Ahmed Mumtaz was quite polarizing when he said that if the lectures during the following weeks could create a disturbance, even though slight, in the thinking of the participants, the objectives of the course would be attained and this led me to take the course with an open mind. I devoted quite a bit of my time to the course material picking up points related to chemistry and interpreting them in physico-chemical terms, wherever possible.”
Mirza Beg (1987), New Dimensions in Sociology (Author’s Preface, pg. vi) [1]

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1. Beg, Mirza Arshad Ali. (1987). New Dimensions in Sociology: a Physico-Chemical Approach to Human Behavior (abs) (intro) (pdf, annotations by Libb Thims, 2014). Karachi: The Hamdard Foundation.

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● Mumtaz, Ahmad. (1974). Bureaucracy and Political Development in Pakistan (ΡΊ). Karachi: National Institute of Public Administration.

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