Ahsan Siddiqui

In existographies, Ahsan H. Siddiqui (c.1930-) is a Pakistani public administrations advisor, noted for []

In 1974, Siddiqui, then director of the National Institute of Public Administration, Karachi, encouraged Mirza Beg to write his notes “relating physico-chemical terminologies to those of human behavior” and thought that it would be a “a valuable contribution to the field of sociology.” [1]

Siddiqui completed his PhD in the humanities, presumably in business administration and or economics; Siddiqui was a student of Mirza Amjed Beg, the brother of Mirza Beg. [2] In 2019, Siddiqui was residing in Islamabad, Pakistan.

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Siddiqui was a great man. He encouraged me to write about what I meant about the potential energy, activation, activation complex, and activation complex formation. He wanted me to say that in writing. Tell us what you mean?”
Mirza Beg (2019), “Beg Interview, Day One (Part One) on Physico-Chemical Sociology”, Sep 16 [2]

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