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Alberto Hernando nsIn hmolscience, Alberto Hernando (1981-) is a Spanish physicist noted, in human thermodynamics, for his 2009 to present publications in thermodynamics applied socially, with which they use as the basis for SThAR, an physics-based business consulting firm, claiming to be able to make social predictions.

In 2000, Hernando, in his “Fisher-information and the Thermodynamics of Scale-invariant Systems”, asserts, with his associates, supposedly, that they “confirm analogy between properties of social systems (such as electoral results, city populations, citations in physics journals) and the thermodynamics of gases and liquids”, which thus forms the basis of his theory of social thermodynamics. [1]

Hernando is called, by his business partner Gregory Botanes at the recently formed business consulting company, the “father of the theory of social thermodynamics”. [2]

Hernando completed his PhD in applied and computational physics at the University of Barcelona, Spain in circa 2009. He currently is a researcher at the University of Barcelona working on the topics of quantum fluids, nanoscopic fluids, information theory, and complex networks.

1. Hernando, Alberto, Vesperinas, C., and Plastino, A. (2009). “Fisher-information and the Thermodynamics of Scale-invariant Systems”, ArXiv. Aug 04.
2. Principles and Overview of Sthar (15 page PDF) –

Further reading
● Hernando, Alberto and Plastino, A. (2012). “Thermodynamics of Urban Population Flows” (abs) (pdf), Physical Review E, Covering Statistical, Nonlinear, Biological, and Soft Matter Physics, 86, 066105, Dec 5.

Further reading
● Hernando, Alberto, Villuendas D., Vesperinas, C., Abad, M., and Plastino A. (2009). “Unravelling the Size Distribution of Social Groups with Information Theory on Complex Networks.” May 22.

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