Albrecht Haller

Albrecht HallerIn existographies, Albrecht Haller (1708-1777) (IQ:175|#226) (Cattell 1000:283) (Simmons 100:42) (CR:9) was Swiss anatomist, physiologist, and naturalist, noted for []

Haller, as disparaged by Ernst Haeckel (1899), gave support to the erroneous idea of vis vitalis or “vital force”. [1]

Adam and Eve
Haller, on the “scatulation theory”, which assumed that the outline of the entire organism, with all its parts, was present in the egg, according to which the ovary of the embryo had to supposed to contain the ova of the following generation (and, these, again, the ova of the next generation; and so on), calculated that god, 6,000-years ago, on the sixth day of creation, packed the germs of 200-billion men into the ovary of Eve (see: Adam and Eve). [1]

Haller was a student of Herman Boerhaave.

1. Haeckel, Ernst. (1899). The Riddle of the Universe: at the Close of the Nineteenth Century (translator: Joseph McCabe) (pgs. 42, 55). Harper & Brother, 1900.

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