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Alfred Radcliffe-BrownIn existographies, Alfred Radcliffe-Brown (1881-1955) (Scott 50:30) (GSE:#) was an English social anthropologist, noted for []

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“I see most efforts at theoretical, and/or theory-method, integration as ignoring "natural," qualitative differences, whether Parsons, Merton, Radcliffe-Brown, or anyone else (See my MacIver, below, points 7 and 8).”
Leon Warshay (2013), “Dialogue with Libb Thims on Two cultures department”, Mar 5

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“Like other young men with blood in their veins, I wanted to do something to reform the world – to get rid of poverty and war, and so on. So I read Godwin, Proudhon, Marx and innumerable others. Kropotkin, revolutionary, but still a scientist, pointed out how important for any attempt to improve society was a scientific understanding of it.”
— Alfred Radcliff-Brown (c.1940), commentary on his early education [1]

“Social structure is not to be thought of as static, but as condition of equilibrium that only persists by being continually renewed, like the chemical-physiological homeostasis of a living organism. Events occur which disturb the equilibrium in some way, and a social reaction follows which tends to restore it.”
— Alfred Radcliff-Brown (1952), Structure and Function in Primitive Society (pg. xxii); cited by Richard Adams (1988) in The Eighth Day (pg. 43-44)

1. Stocking, George. (1995). After Tylor, British Social Anthropology, 1888–1951 (pg. 305). University of Madison.

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