Olive Oil Allah
The general way Muslims conceptualize "Allah", namely as glowing olive oil in a dark cave.
In religio-mythology, Allah (TR:5) is the supreme god of Islam, the belief system of Muslims, the story of which goes that this god told his ideas, as contained in the Quran, to a prophet named Muhammad, via an angel called Gabriel, who transmitted the ideas to Muhammad.

Muslim's equate Allah (god) to ever-glowing olive oil, in a dark cave, i.e. energy infinite (Noorun Ala Noor), which amounts to a perpetual motion theory; see: Beg-Thims dialogue (threads: #130-35).

Moon god
In 1901, Hugo Winckler (Ѻ) conjectures, supposedly, that Allah was a lunar deity, or moon god worshipped in pre-Islamic Arabia. [1]

1. Allah as a lunar deity – Wikipedia.

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