Anon Theophrastus

In existographies, Anon Theophrastus (c.1609-1665) (FA:50), aka “second Theophrastus”, “Redivivus” (Ѻ) of Theophrastus, or Theophrastus reborn (Ѻ), is the assigned name to the anonymous French materialistic atheism freethinking author of Theophrastus Redivivus (c.1659). [1]

The following are noted quotes by Anon Theophrastus:

“I use the teachings of the philosophers and thinkers of antiquity to show that god does not exist, that the world is eternal, that the soul is mortal, that hell is nothing but a fairy tale, and that religion is a political artifice. A cunning deception is that death is detestable, because nothing stifles him [it?]. Thus, I have divided the work, as Theophrastus of Eresus did it, into six books: the first on the gods, the second on the world, the third on religion, the fourth on the soul and on hell, the fifth on the contempt of death, the sixth on the natural life. All this belongs to the argument with the gods. If it has been proved that the gods do not exist, the rest understands itself.”
Anon Theophrastus (c.1659), Theophrastus Redivivus (pg. 8) [1]

“It is useful that everybody, except the enlightened elite, is convinced that god exists, although this conviction is not true.”
— Anon Theophrastus (c.1659), Theophrastus Redivivus (pg. 56) (Ѻ)

“Only human reason, the cunning of sly people who want to come to power, has invented everything that was said about gods: without this invention, it would be difficult for man to secure the obedience of the people.”
— Anon Theophrastus (c.1659), Theophrastus Redivivus (pg. 341); a Critias view [3]

“There are only three deceivers who go after man: Moses, Jesus, and Muhammad.”
— Anon Theophrastus (c.1659), Theophrastus Redivivus (pg. 528); a Frederick II view [3]

“I agree with those legislators and philosophers who think that some religion is necessary in a society.”
— Anon Theophrastus (c.1659), Theophrastus Redivivus (pg. 541) (Ѻ); compare: no religion

1. (a) Anon Theophrastus. (c.1659). Theophrastus Reborn: History of What Has Been Called the Gods of the World, Religion, Life, and Below the Demons of Indifference to Death, about Life in Nature. The Purpose of it was Constructed and the Opinions of the most Learned Theologians, to the View to Demolishing the Work, from Philosophers (Theophrastus Redivivus: sive historia de iis, quae dicuntur de diis, de mundo, de religione, de anima, inferis et daemonibus, de contemnenda morte, de vita secundum naturam. Opus ex Philosophorum opinionibus constructum et doctissimis Theologis ad diruendum propositum) (Ѻ) [1,090-pages]. Manuscript of the Bibliothèque nationale de France, Department of manuscrits, Latin 9324, XVIII.
(b) Theophrastus Redivivus (GermanEnglish) – Wikipedia.

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