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Anthony Collins In existographies, Anthony Collins (1676-1729) (FA:64) was English philosopher, deism promoter, an anti-atheist and or so-classified “covert implied atheist” (Berman, 2007), depending, supposedly, referred to as "our Diagoras" by George Berkeley, noted for []

Collins, supposedly, rejected Epicurean atheism in favor of some type of stoicism-themed Spinozan atheism, that was being referred to as “fatalism”. [1]

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“Jacob Reimann, in his Universal History of Atheism (1725), included as atheists: Thomas Hobbes, John Toland, Charles Blount, and Anthony Collins.”
Jennifer Hecht (2003), Doubt: a History [1]

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“The immortality of the soul was nowhere plain in the Old Testament, was denied by the Sadducees, the most philosophical part of the Jewish nation, was thought doubtful by most sects of the Greek philosophers, and denied by the stoics, the most religious sect of them all; had never, according to Cicero, been asserted in writing by any Greek extant in his time, and was first taught by the Egyptians.”
— Anthony Collins (c.1710) [3]

Ignorance is the foundation of atheism, and freethinking the cure of it.”
— Anthony Collins (1713), Discourse of Freethinking [2]

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