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Anunian theologyLeft: the Pyramids of Giza, the original Egyptian representation of the Nun (Nu). Right: a so-called “nunergetic pyramid”, sold by Nun Technologies, a newage company, trying to capitalize on a mixture of ancient Egyptian religion and modern crystal power and positive energy theories; each of which trace back to the ancient Egyptian myth of the sun (Ra) "born" (given life) out of the tip (benben stone) the land mound Nun (Nu) that arose from the primordial waters of chaos, otherwise known as Anunian theology or Ra theology—today known to us as the story of Abraham (Abrahamic religions) or Brahma (Brahmaic religions), which account for some 72 percent of the world’s belief systems, Christianity, Islam, and Hinduism being the big three, a tension of which has resulted to be the cause of much of our modern warfare. [2]
In religions, Anunian theology, or Ra theology, refers to those religions centered around belief in the “Nun (or Nu)”, the primordial land mound that arose from the waters of chaos at the beginning of creation, which include the Abrahamic religions (the Nun personified by Noah) and Brahmaic religions (the Nun personified by the man-god Ma-Nu), which accounts for 72 percent of the world’s current belief systems. [1]

In short, ¾-ths of the minds of the modern world, although most are completely oblivious to this fact, being that that the myth has been retold and retold so many times, through so may thousands of years, that it is barely recognizable to the original, are thickly ingrained with the Anunian belief system of life, death, morality, purpose, and afterlife (resurrection, reincarnation, or spirituality)—so much so that even the most atheist of nihilistic hardened purposeless universe theory physical science based scientists will hold to the belief, likely to their grave, that he or she is "alive" and at some point will "die"—in the face of fact that such a model is completely at odds with modern physics and chemistry, according to which molecules, atoms, and subatomic particles are not "alive" and do not "die" and the second fact that a human is a molecule (see: human molecular formula; human molecule; human molecular theory). The whole situation is quite humorous, to say the least.

The guidebook out of this quagmire is called The Mechanical Theory of Heat, but the path out of the thicket is a long way off, and bared by numerous and varied obstacles.

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