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In 2007 to 2017, Hmolpedia (see: progress report) was, in the idealistic style of Wikipedia, an encyclopedia that “anyone can edit”. In these years, nearly all of the articles were written by Libb Thims, with goading and guidance from thread posts, and most user edits amounted to spelling typos made anonymously, with a few attempting to start new articles, such as to blog draft book chapters, such as "My Brother is at 113!", on an historical aspect of econophysics, or pet theories, e.g. "Dynamics of Elective Affinities"; most of these idiosyncratic articles would be removed by Thims and the authors directed to the “editing rules” page and the “beta wiki” to make draft articles for proposals.

On 2 Feb 2018, a hacking vandalism incident (ΡΊ) occurred, resulting in 100s of pages moved, via some type of coding trick, to the not available or missing state (in online version); this took several months of effort, between Libb Thims (site creator) and Travis Derouin (wiki coder) to correct. As a repercussion of this deleterious incident, the Hmolpedia permission settings were changed to “anyone can edit” pages to only those approved to be “writers” (see: Hmolpedia writers) can edit pages, so to stop potential rogue hackers from joining the site and destroying it, in a similar sense.

This change, along with the “Captcha problem” (a coding error as arose, such that now members have to request to be “friends” with Libb Thims before they can even edit their own profile pages, have worked to slow new user contributions (in threads) to a standstill.

Presently, owing to the vandal potential circumstance, if someone wants to contribute to the site, they have to (a) join, i.e. sign up with an account, (b) begin contributing in the threads (only a few people per year now contribute here), and (c) draft page change proposals (in the thread below respective article, or new page candidates in the “beta wiki”, and THEN apply to be a writer; examples of which are shown below:

Apply to be writer (examples)

Thims will then vet potential authors, i.e. observe them via a “vetting process”, to see if they qualify to be an Hmolpedia author. Generally speaking, qualified authors have to be seasoned scholars in the two cultures namesakestopics, which is the focus of Hmolpedia. While Hmolpedia could use a few general clean up editors, e.g. fixing spelling errors or grammar, if one seeks to join to sell one's pet “god theory” or “increase your IQ”, or whatever, then seeking to join as writer would NOT be advised. Generally speaking, Hmolpedia is only interested in sincere "writers" thematic to the genuine nature of Faustian quest like searching, and education promotion therefrom, such as found letter exchanges of Adams quotes.

Approved writers
If one does become an “approved writer”, Thims has to then (a) see their writer request message (in the writer requests tab), which he checks semi-often, then, if they have been vetted, (b) change their permission settings to “writer”, which is one step below “moderator” (which is one step below “administrator”).

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