AryabhataIn existographies, Aryabhata (476-550) (IQ:170|#375) [RGM:345|1,500+] (Odueny 100:61) (GMG:18) (GME:#) (GAE:#) (CR:5) was an Indian mathematician, astronomer, and physicist, noted for []

Aryabhata employed 62,832/20,000 (= 3.1416) for π; speculated, supposedly, that π (pi) is irrational, as later conjectured by Leonhard Euler, and proved by Johann Lambert (Ѻ); stated that the earth rotates on its axis; classified as a physicist for his explicit mention of the relativity of motion; is said to have been the first to employ a zero symbol concept, and that his later countryman Brahmagupta was to use a zero symbol and the first to show that subtracting a number from itself results in zero (Ѻ).

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“Just as a person travelling on a boat fees that the trees on the bank are moving, people on the earth feel the sun is moving.
— Aryabhata (c.520), Publication (Ѻ); cited by Kishore Dash (2019) in The Story of Econophysics (pg. 2)

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