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Atheism Reviews banner (11 Sep 2014)Atheism Reviews 5x7 logo ns
Top: the 11 Sep 2014 debut page look to the new Libb Thims launched “Atheism Reviews” channel (see atheism timeline) aimed at bringing some order to the growing physical science vs. religious science debates sprouting up in recent years. The Michelangelo “God vs Gibbs” icon, shown above, indicative of the new frontline in the religion vs science debates, the old front line being “Darwin vs God”. Right: the show logo used as table display during show filming of reviews, indicative of the gist view that all that exists is atoms and energy (and god is NOT energy).
In video channels, Atheism Reviews is a 2014-launched YouTube channel, by American electrochemical engineer Libb Thims (DN=10), an "extreme atheist and materialist” (Sekhar, 2011) (Ѻ) or “strong atheist who adheres to a physics-based morality” (Bossens, 2013) (Ѻ), and possible co-hosts Pat (DN=9.5), aka "King Atheist", and Art (DN=2), aka "God Believer", aimed at addressing atheist, atheism, anti-theism, etc., versus religion topics and discussions, and critiquing, clarifying, and most-importantly "correcting" public science vs religion debates in general. [1]

The following are channel reviews:

“These fellas on the video are hilarious! Now that's some good drinking!!”
— Christine Torrez (2016), “Thread Comment” (Ѻ) on 13 Nov 2014 “Christian William Craig vs Osiris-Horus Jesus Connection” video

Mottoes | Thematic
The following are seeming mottoes for review styles of AR interjections:

“We are living in a totally ridiculous world. We have all kinds of things from horoscopes to Zen Buddhism to faith healers to religions to what have you. The whole world around us is full of nonsense, baloney, big speak and what have you. The fact that I'm busy in science has little or nothing to do with religion. In fact, I protect myself, I don't want to have to do with religion. Because once I start with that, I don't know where it will end. But probably I will be burned or shot or something in the end. I don't want anything to do with it. I talk about things I can observe and other things I can predict and for the rest you can have it.”
Martinus Veltman (2004) interview (Ѻ) with Harold Kroto (quote, 10:05-) (Ѻ)

“One person with a belief is a social power equal to ninety-nine who have only interests.”
John Mill (c.1855), Publication

“One horse-laugh is worth ten thousand syllogisms.”
Henry Mencken (c.1930) [6]

“Every great action is extreme.”
— Francois la Rochefoucauld (c.1865) (Ѻ)

“One of the reasons we atheists have to be loud and assertive is that we are floating alone in a vast sea of ignorance.”
— Paul Myers (2008), on the so-called atheist misconception [4]

“Pull no punches. If you think I’ve gone off the track let me have it straight.”
— Anon (1950), engineering student (Ѻ) querying Einstein on religious-free “purpose

“It takes the latter half of all of one’s lifetime to unlearn the falsehood that was instilled into us during the earlier half. Generation after generation we learn, unlearn, and re-learn the same lying legendary lore. Henceforth, our studies must begin from the evolutionist standpoint in order that they may not have to be gone over again.”
Gerald Massey (1883), The Natural Genesis

“The clash between atheism and religion has become the defining battle of the 21st century.”
— Nick Spencer (2014), Atheists: the Origin of Species (Ѻ)

“There is no God! There is no God! I came to America so I could say that. In my country [Iran], they will kill me if I say it.”
— Sadegh Simorgh (2014), response following query by Libb Thims of “Are you a Muslim?”, to which he first responded “On my ID card”, to which Thims responded “What do you mean?”, Oct 31

In other words, in AR interjections, the aim will be to tell it like it is, speaking straight from the shoulder, pulling no punches.
God’s energy vs Gibbs energy
A Gibbs energy vs God’s energy diagram, modified from the human free energy of formation page, outlining the gist of the overarching aim of the Atheism Reviews channel.

God’s energy vs Gibbs energy
See also: God vs Gibbs
A central focus of Atheism Reviews channel, central host Libb Thims being an “assassin of God” (Albert Camus, 1942) “in training”, in the great lineage of trained assassins, from Schopenhauer to Nietzsche, and possibly Weininger, is to usurp God’s energy with Gibbs energy (see: Gibbs landscape).

“What do you call the person who trains the assassins of God? Goethe.”
— Libb Thims (2014), mental reflection note, from posts #42-44, in thread “You can be smart and believe in God?” (Nov 9) on the focus of the Atheism Reviews channel, 10:29AM CST Dec 18

God is not a magician with a magic wand.”
— Pope Francis (2014), speech, Oct 27 (Ѻ) (Ѻ) (V)

The adjacent diagram is a Gibbs energy vs God’s energy diagram, modified from the human free energy of formation page.

Mental disjunct
A focus of the channel will be to help amend the following 5,000-year-old and ongoing mental disjunct, which, as the old saying goes, has us "walking backwards into the 21st century":

Mental disjunct
godless reactions
A comparison between a carbon-carbon and a human-human bond forming reaction, both of which are godless, involving but changes in proton-electron photon interaction dynamics.

Namely, the disjunct between our 3100 BC religio-mythology transcription and syncretism belief system roots, and the 1923 modern chemical thermodynamics belief system upgrade, as Gilbert Lewis famously clarified.

Molecule formation | Godless
The following shows, top right, shows the formation of a molecule of dicarbonide C2, from two carbon C atoms, demonstrated via the a floating magnets (Ѻ) model, which amounts to but a change, towards stability, in geometrical arrangements of protons and electrons, i.e. "matter", namely fermions (quarks and leptons), held together "forces", namely: bosons (photons):

Standard model

which, scaled up, is no different than when people, as “proton-electron configurations” (George Lundberg, 1939), form dihumanide molecules in marriage, mergers during times of economic deflation, or coalitions during times of war. In both cases, atomic-level and human-level, there is no so-called “god”, god principle, or god theories involved. Beliefs converse to this are but reverse-thinking ingrained teachings accrued past the eclipse of Greek philosophy, following the burning of the Library of Alexandria, from whence humanity fell into the dark ages in thinking for some 1,500-years. Those who would seek to invoke god theory or god talk into this picture are but straight "retarted", not in the sense of belonging in the special education class, but retarted in the sense of being impeded in thinking by some near two millennia.

Time length | Aim
An aim, in regards to video length, knowing that debates tend to go into the 1 to 2-hour range, will be to break up debate discussions into digestible viewer consumption bites, aiming for finished reviews to be in the 4 to 7-minute range, symbolic of the four horseman of atheism and the seven visible planets, behind the numbering of the seven god-themed days of the week: Moon’s day (Mon), Mars’ day (Tue), Mercury’s day (Wed), Thor’s day [day of Jupiter] (Thu), Frige’s day [day of Venus] (Fri), Saturn’s day (Sat), Sun’s day (Sun); or on a high end to go up to 13-minutes, the number of months in years having a blue moon; of if need be, to go up to 42-minutes, the number of negative confessions involved in the weighting of the soul, which in Christianity rewrite terms became the number of generations between God (Ra) and Jesus (Osiris-Horus).

Another aim, is to stylized AR uploads into an "equals three" (Ѻ) viral debates critique and commentary format, i.e. pick three hot debate interjections, per upload, and analyze them per Ray William Johnson attention grabbing format.

YouTube (Atheism)Atheism Reviews table
Left: YouTube was launched on 14 Feb 2005 after which atheism channels and communities began to emerge and form, one of the earliest being The Amazing Atheist, launched in 2006.

Right: a 1 Oct 2014 photo of the new Atheism Reviews broadcast table, showing molecules-to-man evolution, on the left, and God vs Gibbs conflict, on the right.
Atheism channels
See main: Top YouTube atheism channels
The following are a selection of the top ten of top "atheism channels" in YouTube that upload some debate-like videos, and or atheism discussions or topics, ranked by views per sub (v/s):

1. The Atheist Voice (6 Jun 2013) 7.2M views | 100K subs (72 v/s)
2. GenerationXeroFilms (18 Jun 2008) 1.2M views | 14K subs (85 v/s)
3. Evid3nc3 (8 Nov 2007) 4M views | 42K subs (95 v/s)
4. Christina Rad (20 Sep 2008) 10M views | 99K subs (101 v/s)
5. CultOfDusty (9 Dec 2008) 19M views | 179K subs (106 v/s)
6. AronRa (24 Aug 2006) | 13M views | 110k subs (118v/s) (Ѻ) (Ѻ)
7. FactVsReligion (13 May 2008) 3M views | 25K subs (120 v/s)
8. JaclynGlenn (22 Mar 2011) 16M views | 237K subs (126 v/s)
9. The Thinking Atheist (27 May 2009) 23M views | 181K subs (127 v/s)
10. The Atheist Experience (30 Sep 2008) 16M views | 122K subs (131 v/s)

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IQ | Studies
See main: Religion and intelligence
In respect to IQ and religiousity, firstly, 2013 meta-analysis studies, find that religious people tend to be less intelligent, i.e. have a lower general intelligence, that atheists: specifically, team led by Miron Zuckerman of the University of Rochester found “a reliable negative relation between intelligence and religiosity” in 53 out of 63 studies. (Ѻ) Secondly, 2010 Pew research polls, found, via polls multiple answer testing on basic religious questions, find that atheists have a higher “religious IQ” than religious people. (Ѻ)

Morality | Studies
In respect to morality and religiosity, 2014 studies find that religion doesn’t make people more moral. (Ѻ) Likewise, a 2002 study of religion and public life found that “irreligious tend to be more ethical than their religious peers, particularly compared with those who describe themselves as very religious.” (Ѻ)

All children are born atheists
Left: a depiction of Baron d’Holbach’s famous “all children are born atheists” quote, about how religion is ingrained into the mind at birth, and how, as Gerald Massey (1883) points out, “it takes the latter half of all of one’s lifetime to unlearn the falsehood.” Right: the first introduction video to Atheism Reviews made on 15 Sep 2014.
See main: Atheism Reviews playlist
The following are the slated first videos for Atheist Review productions, the "IJ" short for interjection points:

1. Atheism timeline | Video
2. Review: Sam Harris and Michael Shermer vs Deepak Chopra (2010) (Ѻ)

IJ1:1:24 (ontic opening); IJ2: 2:29 (new age, quantum consciousness, thermodynamics); IJ3:2:56 (woo woo physics, Ryan Grannell) (Ѻ); IJ4:4:14 (non-locality, connected universe); IJ5:5:07 (ad homonym); IJ6:5:55 (credentiality, Buffett number, Moriarty-Thims debate, 8-degrees problem [George Scott]; IJ7:7:19 (Einstein: “Science without religion is lame, religion without science is blind”); IJ8:7:32 (Hawking: “It would be very difficult to explain how the universe should [“would” Chopra] have begun in just this way except as the act of a God who intended to create beings like us”, anthropic principle); IJ9:7:51 (misattribution, anachronism [Robert Doyle]); IJ10:8:08 (God-given: insight, inspiration, creativity, free will, conscious choice, imagination … “are your neurons doing that or are you doing that?”); IJ11:8:36 (personal god), IJ12:9:23 (closeted atheists issue: 95 percent of AAS members are atheists, but “they do not like to say so” as Napoleon found); IJ13:10:27 (public embarrassment). [3]

Location: Caltech. Date: 23 Mar 2010. Topic: the question: "Does God Have a Future?", presented by ABC's Nightline. Participants: Sam Harris and Michael Shermer vs Deepak Chopra and Jean Houston. Moderator: Dan Harris.

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Thims books (initiated) n
Three of Atheism Reviews channel founder Libb Thims unfinished draft manuscripts, each touching on either implicit and or explicit atheism concerns and issues. [2]
Thims | Extreme atheist
The long and the short of American electrochemical engineer Libb Thims' belief system is that he believes in chemical thermodynamics over that of the Bible, and has since been characterized by his religious debater antagonists as an "extreme atheist" and materialist or strong atheist, among labels. In terms of implicit and or explicit atheism-touching precursor book publications, three draft-level publications, shown adjacent, include: Purpose? (in a Godless universe) (2011), Elective Affinities: Illustrated, Annotated, and Decoded (2012), and Chemical Thermodynamics: with Applications in the Humanities (2013), each presently unfinished, are each barred up, so to speak, with the Gordian knot issue of God’s embeddedness in the minds of people, i.e. it is not so easy in social mechanics, as Laplace did with his 1802 celestial mechanics, to dismiss the god issue, with the passing off-hand statement “I had no need of that hypothesis” (see: Napoleon Laplace anecdote). [2]

Nye-Beg goad | Origin | Etymology
See also: Atheism timeline
The Atheism Reviews YouTube channel was launched or rather initiated, by American electrochemical engineer Libb Thims, on 11 Sep 2014, ironically, by coincidence, on the 13th anniversary of the 2001 9/11 attack, an act which ushered in the so-called “new atheism” era, a significant stopping point on the atheism timeline, the slated-to-be first video for the new channel.

At some point prior to this, Thims began discussing, with his outspoken atheist friend Pat—who to note, when queried on 20 Apr 2014, about what, on the Easter’s day, as an atheist, he believes in, responded with: “Energy. You have sex, there’s friction … that’s heat. Then a baby shoots out. It’s all energy. The sun's a giant orgasm. Like if you see a hot girl ... and she's soo hot, you can't even touch that s**t. You're like daaammn! ”—the possibility of doing a YouTube channel entitled “Atheist Dialogues”, with “Traveling Atheist” segments, etc.

On circa July 7th, Pat suggested to Thims that he and his younger brother, aka “Junior Atheist”, a recent law school graduate, come over on Monday July 14th to discuss atheism. This prompted Thims into the idea that the three of them go the Wisconsin Dells waterparks, drink some beers, ride the lazy river, sit in the hot tub, and discuss atheism in the form of a first annual “atheism convention”. This plan actualized, albeit with the exception that Art, aka “God Believer” (DN:2) came, along with two other girls and one guy, who were typical Americans, i.e. religious, in some form or another, in place of Junior Atheist, and owing to the new dynamics—e.g. one girl was deeply religious (her eyes began to water when godlessness was mentioned)—partying ensued and not much atheism was discussed.
Pat and Libb (25 Aug 2014) sAtheism Reviews (recording studio)
Atheism Reviews shirt (new)
Atheism Reviews host Libb Thims, known as an extreme atheist (2011), at 2:41 AM Aug 25th 2014, trying to get Pat, aka King Atheist, Atheism reviews co-host, to “pray to God”, on one of the ten knee-pad extending Korean church chairs the good Lord gracious gave us [i.e. the one’s Libb swiped from the alley a few hours before the party] the night of the 4th Annual Summer Party. In the back: party goers Dave throwing up his Christian “C” gang signs, and, in the middle: Lawrence keepin’ it real! Numbers shown being each person's self-estimated number on the Dawkins scale of belief in the existence of God. Top right: the Atheism Reviews recording studio, the molecular evolution table shown at right; photos of Johann Goethe (1784), Erasmus Darwin (1794), Etienne Saint-Hilaire (1833), the three core "pre-Darwianian" evolutionists, and Charles Darwin (1859). Bottom right: the Atheism Reviews Adidas Polo T-shirt (Ѻ) with molecules-to-man evolution AR logo, worn by host Libb Thims and co-host Pat. A "Keep Calm and Trust God" shirt (Ѻ) was ordered for God-believers.

The possible tipping point for the visualized need for such a channel seems to have been the circa May/Jun 2014 comment by Dave (DN:6), pictured adjacent, to Libb Thims, “hey have you seen the new Bill Nye vs Creation museum guy debate?”, after which, Thims saw how utterly failing Nye, an electrical engineer like Thims, was in addressing Ken Ham’s concerns and objections, e.g. citing nearly childlike evidence of counting California tree rings as being evidence that the earth is more than 5,000-years old. The first rebuttal in the Bill Nye vs Ken Ham was also one of the goads into the launch of Atheism Reviews; as one reviewer put it fairly aptly: (Ѻ)

“Nye seemed to embody the typically naive scientist-type about to debate the religious for the first time: ‘Science is obviously right’, ‘this guy’s beliefs are obviously cuckoo’, so ‘what, me worry?’ Nye strikes me as totally unprepared for the type of tactics he is about to encounter, and he speaks at a pace 3-times slower than the average creationist debater, so you can just see the creationist audience ticking off all of Ham’s arguments he won’t get to.”

The 9 Sep 2014 Mirza Beg dialogue, post #22, about whether or not recanting his Islamic beliefs, in part, in order to side with an atheist physical chemistry description of the humanities would “drive him insane”, trigged Thims into writing the articles: insanity and genius, God is dead, Gibbs energy, God vs Gibbs, and in turn the atheism timeline, the viewing which seemed to trigger into inception the Atheism Reviews channel.

Atheism Reviews, in some sense, is a spinoff of the 2007-launched Google Partnered channel Human Chemistry 101 (1K+ subscribers, 2M+ views), which tended to draw subscribers from three areas of interest, namely:

a. Hmolscience
b. Genius rankings
c. Atheism / Religio-mythology

Some of the historical atheism-centric / religio-mythology videos from the 61+ videos made so far via this channel, view counts as of 12 Sep 2014, include:

What’s your Dawkins number? (1 Nov 2011) | 2,061+ views
Egyptology of Jesus Christ (8 Dec 2010) | 1,785+ views
Life-death cycle (21 Mar 2011) | 548+ views
Feynman on existence and purpose (11 Nov 2010) | 35,646+ views
We can’t just come from nothin’ (5 Nov 2010) | 492+ views
God = mythology (4 Nov 2010) | 1,248+ views

Atheism Reviews is aimed to be a channel focused on the latter subject, the atheistic view being implicit, in the former channel, made explicit in the new channel, aimed centrally at giving peer review to the growing physical scientists vs religious philosopher debates, seen emerging in recent years, including: English physical chemist Peter Atkins vs William Craig (1998), American physicist Lawrence Krauss vs Deepak Chopra (2013), and American electrical engineer Bill Nye vs Ken Ham (2014), American biomedical scientist Jaclyn Glenn vs Muslim (2014), and English biologist Richard Dawkins vs everybody, particularly after the publication of his The God Delusion (2006), to name a few; not to mention digressions on general “hot topic” atheism issues and dialogues seen in recent years.
New Atheism (labeled)
A depiction of some of the so-called "new atheists" making headlines into the 21st century.

New atheism
The following is an image of some of the so-called "new atheists" of recent years, showing, from left to right: American comedian Penn Jillette, astrophysicist Neil Tyson (technically an agnostic, per self-declaration), American comedian Bill Maher, an self-labeled agnostic noted for his film Religulous (2008), American physicist Lawrence Krauss, an atheism advocate, debater, and writer (A Universe from Nothing, 2012) since at least 2009, British-born American Christopher Hitchens, a writer (God is Not Great, 2007) and debater, American Sam Harris, an author (The End of Faith, 2004), who wants to jettison Christianity and Islam for Eastern spirituality, American Darwinism writer Daniel Dennett, noted for his Darwin’s Dangerous Idea (1996) and Breaking the Spell (2007), English biologist Richard Dawkins, the leading 21st century atheism debater, known for his The Selfish Gene (1976), The Blind Watchmaker (1986), and The God Delusion (2006), English comedian Ricky Gervais, a popular atheism quote poster boy, so-to-say, and Somalian-born Dutch screen writer and atheist activist Ayaan Hirsi Magan Ali, known for her views critical of Islam, practices of circumcision and female genital cutting also known for her screenplay for Theo van Gogh's movie Submission which led to death threats, resulting in the director's murder. While the above group is commendable for paving the way, one of the inherent issues with this group is none are trained the physicochemical sciences, hence their punches lack power.

Progress report
The following shows the developmental timeline of the Atheism Reviews channel:

● 11 Sep 2014 – Initiated channel at YouTube.
● 14 Nov 2014 – Intro + 5 videos: 416 views | 10 subs (42 v/s) | 40± views/day.

Creationists (below retarted)
Muhammad's flying horse (labeled)
Idiot America (red cover)
One of the inherent problems of engaging—for scientists in particular—into religion vs science, filled with “god talk” laced debates, is that it invariably becomes a straight drop into idiocy land, discussions beyond inanity (see: creationist scientists ranked by idiocy), and nonplus. [5]
Descent into idiocy
See main: Creationism scientists ranked by idiocy
The following is a general rule of thumb motto in regards to AR mindset:

“We do not have to visit a madhouse to find disordered minds; our planet is the mental institution of the universe.”
Johann Goethe (1830), variant (Ѻ) of conversations (Ѻ)

In other words, ventures into "religion vs science" debates tend, more often than not, to be a "decent into idiocy":

“I lost 5 IQ points reading Strobel's book, which was nothing more than mindless propaganda.”
— Anon (2003), commentary on Strobel’s The Case For Christ (Ѻ)

tending towards discussions soaked with inanity, filled with talk of "flying horses", e.g. Muslim Mirza Beg (2014) (Ѻ), battling with physicochemical materialist Libb Thims, and "walking on water", e.g. Christian William Gladstone (1894) (Ѻ), battling with materialist Thomas Huxley, and also objection raised by Iranian-born American Christian (Isho) to Thims (2014), among other possible examples in the so-called "impossibilities debate", as Gladstone seemed to name the topic.

The Christian kid in first slated video, e.g. cited American atheist turned pastor and journalist Lee Strobel's 2004 The Case for a Creator, cover shown below (left), with title overlaid on images of molecules, which in turn, per Google "people also searched for" recommendations, shown below (right), leads to more idiocy, namely 20 more books advocating for god theory in the face of modern science:

Creationism science books

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Keep Calm and Trust God (shirt)Atheism Reviews logo (square)
Left: a God-believer shirt for guest appearance theists. Right: an Atheism Reviews logo.

1. Atheism Reviews – YouTube.
2. (a) Thims, Libb. (2011). Purpose? (in a Godless universe). (94-pg manuscript) (unfinished); Online as 105-page unfinished manuscript (14 Apr 2013). IoHT publications.
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