Atheism synonyms

In atheism terminology, atheism synonyms, as contrasted to theism synonyms (e.g. believer), are terms that generally mean disbelief and or denial in the existence in god, which, barring detailed clarification, include: free thinker (Molyneux, 1697), heathen, radical, doubter, unbeliever (Mammon, 1782) or non-believer, materialist, nihilist, secularist (Holyoake, 1851), humanist, bright (Paul Geisert, 2003) (Ѻ), godlesss, and zerotheistm (Thims, 2015), or combinations thereof, e.g. "secular humanist" (Warraq, 1995), "secular naturalism" (Edd Doerr, 2014), "materialistic atheist", etc. [1]

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(b) Joshi, S.T. (2014). The Original Atheists: First Thoughts on Nonbelief. Prometheus Books.

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