Beda Allemann

Beda Allemann sIn human chemistry, Beda Allemann (1926-1991) was a Swiss-born German literary critic and theorist noted for his 1973 article “On the Function of the Chemical Parable in Goethe’s Elective Affinities”, in which, similar to Jeremy Adler and Kevin Yee, he interrogates the implied parallel, in Goethe's 1809 Elective Affinities, between the chemical simile and the bondings of the characters, and, as summarized by Stefani Engelstein, argues against reductive determinism and that the chemical analogy drawn by Eduard in the fourth chapter fails to conform to the plot. [1]

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(b) Engelstein, Stefani. (2008). Anxious Anatomy: the Conception of the Human Form in Literary and Naturalist Discourse (pgs. 54, 252). SUNY Press.

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