Beg-Thims interview

Beg-Thims interview (advert)
An Apr 2019 poster advertisement for the Beg-Thims interview, showing Beg's 1987 New Dimensions in Sociology (right), Thims' draft-stage Human Chemical Thermodynamics (right), and a human chemical reaction mechanism for the monumental meeting (center) between human molecules Mirza Beg (BM) and Libb Thims (TL), where the question mark signifies the product formation, actuating during the 5-day meeting. [2]
In interviews, Beg-Thims interview refers to the Sun 15 Sep to Thu 19 Sep interview of Mirza Beg, in Karachi, Pakistan, by Libb Thims, on his 1987 New Dimensions in Sociology: a Physicochemical Approach to Human Behavior, on the origin and subject matter of physicochemical sociology, as Beg developed it from the 1974 idea and notes stage to 1987 book level. [1]

Video editing | Note
Of note, all video parts, the total video being recorded on a Sony video camera that automatically broke up the total recording segment into 30-min (max) video clips, were combined and edited up to Day 2.3, during which point a new video editing software update was made (video editing being done on Adobe Premiere Elements 11) to Adobe Premier Elements 2020, after which the audio became out of sync with the video by a noticeably-irritating amount. Thims tried several new video editing software, but could not remedy the problem.

Hence, after several months delay, on 24 to 27 Mar 2020, Thims simply began doing a bulk upload of all remaining video clips, NO editing. The total video series, available on the Human Chemistry 101 YouTube channel, consists of 47 videos (see: Beg playlistExternal link icon (c)), totaling 21-hours (1,267-min) of total viewing time.

Day initial | Sun | 15 Sep
Thims arrived in Karachi, Pakistan on Sun 15 Sep 2019 and met with Beg and his family for an afternoon meet-and-greet, equipment set up and check, and discussion of itinerary, lecture timeline, and topic focus. The 4-day interview, following Sun, Sep 15 (Day 0), was as follows: Mon, Sep 16 (Day 1), Tue, Sep 17 (Day 2), Wed, Sep 18 (Day 3), Thur, Sep 19 (Day 4).

Quotes | Day 0
The following are quotes from the meet-and-greet day (Sep 15):

“Libb you are my amanuensis.”
Mirza Beg (2019), “Beg interview 1.0” (meet-and-greet day); Sep 15

“You see, de Lange believes what he wants to believe, namely that Gibbs energy as governor of social reactions is the 'spiritual component' of the energy of the father of Jesus, I believe what I believe, namely that Gibbs energy applied socially is the 'will of Allah', and you [Thims] believe whatever you want to believe, namely that you do not believe in god and that Gibbs energy applied socially is just a 'natural physico-chemical energy', yet all three of us have, in common, a belief in thermodynamics.”
Mirza Beg (2019), “Beg interview” (meet and greet day); comment arisen following Thims explanation of the "beliefs" of Social Newtons existive (possibly a reflection of Beg, following a reading of "religion as a function of birthplace" article, Thims had sent Beg a few days earlier, in respect to the stance Thims would adhere to in respect to religions dialogue digressions), Sep 15

Quotes | Day 1
The following are quotes from Day One (Sep 16)

“This book was not accepted. Nobody accepted the book. One fellow, who is in Washington, at the Islamic Institute, he said, in his review, that sociology has been treated by zoologists, in terms of insects, animals, and animal behavior. Now here is a scientist. He says that he can interpret human behavior in terms of molecules? Thank you Dr. Beg, for introducing molecules into sociology. Thank you [joking]! I hope success to you. Nobody encouraged me, until you [Thims] did.”
Mirza Beg (2019), “Interview Day 1.1” (53:40-54:59); comment made when looking at 1987 book launching photo; response likely a reference to E.O. Wilson’s 1975 Sociobiology: the New Synthesis (compare: Marcin Borkowski 2010 comment), Sep 16

“I irritated the social scientists, just like Stewart did at Princeton in the 1950s. They don’t like me. But after that book [New Dimensions, 1987], and then after writing about social pollution, they started recognizing that there IS room for a ‘scientist’ in the ‘social sciences’ department.”
— Mirza Beg (2019), “Interview Day 1.3” (5:22-6:00), Sep 16

“A terrorist is an ‘impurity’ in the social lattice that lowers the melting point of society.”
— Mirza Beg (2019), Interview Day 1.3 (31:11-)
Mirza Beg and Libb Thims (15 Sep 2019)
Photo during the first day meet and greet session, between Thims and Beg, Beg shown holding a copy of Hmolpedia, Volume One (A-B), with the Mirza Beg article, which Thims brought as a gift for Beg.

Quotes | Day 2
The following are quotes from Day Two (Sep 17):

“The DNA initiates ‘life’ and life is not possible unless there is chirality.”
— Mirza Beg (2019), “Interview Day 2.2” (Ѻ) (2:44-), Sep 17

Quotes | Day 3
The following are quotes from Day Three (Sep 18):

Enthalpy is the ‘resources’ and entropy is the ‘wastage’.”
— Mirza Beg (2019), “Beg-Thims Interview”, Day 3.10 (2:44-), Sep 18

Quotes | Day 4
The following are quotes from Day Four (Sep 19):

Free energy change is brought about by soul. Soul is the driving force. Soul is the free energy.”
Mirza Beg (2019), “Beg-Thims interview” (26:30-57), Day 4.1, Sep 19

“It appears that you have the whole world in your hand.”
— Mirza Beg (2019), “Beg-Thims interview”, Day 4.2 (2:47-), Sep 19

Love is chemical affinity.”
— Mirza Beg (2019), “Beg-Thims interview”, Day 4.3 (13:46-), Sep 19

Dead molecules equal entropy. Living molecules equal infinite energy plus entropy.”
— Mirza Beg (2019), “Beg-Thims interview”, Day 4.11 (7:20-), Sep 19

“Along with man, along with life, and along with every living creature, also was created Devil!”
— Mirza Beg (2019), “Beg-Thims interview”, Day 4.11 (10:52-), Sep 19

“Oh, I don’t believe in devil.”
— Libb Thims (2019), “Beg-Thims interview”, Day 4.11 (11:01-), Sep 19

“You may not believe it, but that’s your problem! You may not believe in the devil, you may not believe in Allah, but that’s your problem.”
— Mirza Beg (2019), “Beg-Thims interview”, Day 4.11 (11:07-), Sep 19

Quotes | On
The following are quotes on the Beg-Thims interview:

Love it, great work! This will be remembered for generations.”
— Josh Melnick (2020), “Comment on Day 1.3”, Human Chemistry 101 (Ѻ)

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1. Beg, Mirza Arshad Ali. (1987). New Dimensions in Sociology: a Physico-Chemical Approach to Human Behavior (abs) (intro) (pdf, annotations by Libb Thims, 2014) (pg. vi). Karachi: The Hamdard Foundation.
2. Beg Interview Announcement (Apr 2019) – Hmolpedia Reddit.

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