Bengt Mansson

Bengt Mansson nsIn existographies, Bengt Mansson (c.1960-) (CR:5) is a Swedish-German theoretical ecologist noted for his 1990 economic thermodynamics chapter on “Thermodynamics and Economics” on the integration of thermodynamics into economics, wherein he seems to view human economic activity from the dissipative systems view and focuses in on the quantity exergy as his variable of study, and mentions the work of the pre-thermodynamics physiocrats along with the early 1970s economic-thermodynamic discussions of Nicholas Georgescu (1986) and Tjalling Koopmans (1977), among others. [1]

His 1993 ecological thermodynamics article “Ecology, Thermodynamics, and H.T. Odum’s Conjectures” discusses the work of Howard Odum. [2]

In 1990, Mansson was associated with the Theoretical Ecology (ATO) Research Center Julich, Federal Republic of German. In 2011, Mansson was on the faculty of Karlstad University, Sweden.

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