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Benjamin Kyle nsIn existographies, Benjamin Gayle Kyle (1927-) (CR:14) is an American emeritus chemical engineering professor, noted for []

In 1988, Kyle, in his “The Mystique of Entropy”, speculated on various aspects of the second law in regards to humanity and social science. [3]

In 1999, Kyle revised and reprinted his “The Mystique of Entropy” into the expanded 1999 multi-chaptered essay Entropy: Reflections of a Classical Thermodynamicist, which was made as an attached CD-ROM to the 3rd edition of his Chemical and Process Thermodynamics textbook, and later posted as an online webpage. In this work, Kyle discusses a number of diverse views, such as of those of English author William Inge (God and entropy), French philosopher Pierre Teilhard (evolution, thermodynamics, and spirituality), American historian Henry Adams (social energy and entropy), Claude Levi-Strauss (entropology), and Nicholas Georgescu (economics and the second law), among others, such as Herman Daly (ecological economics), Jeremy Rifkin (natural resources), Rudolf Arnheim (art), etc. [1]

Kyle’s end section, to this chapter, entitled “commentary”, makes an attempt to dig out a sort of philosophical insight on how to live by. His suggested equation is:

 \Delta S \approx 0 \,

Chemical and Process Thermodynamics (1999)
1999 textbook by Kyle containing an attached CD-ROM with the “The Mystique of Entropy” article.
meaning, in Kyle's view, that one should aim, thermodynamically speaking, to follow a negligible entropy change path (ΔS ≈ 0) in the course of one's existence.

Kyle was a chemical engineering professor at Kansas State University.

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“For an extensive review of entropy involvement in a variety of subjects including: social sciences, literature, art, etc., see Kyle (1988).”
— Dimitrios Tassios (2013), Applied Chemical Engineering Thermodynamics (pg. 212)

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