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Bobby Henderson 3sIn existographies, Bobby Henderson (1980-) (FA:162), or “Robert Henderson”, is an American physicist noted for

In 2005, Henderson wrote a satirical letter, to the Kansas School Board, in concern of children being taught intelligent design alongside of evolution theory, as the two main theories of human evolution, wherein he suggested that a third alternative, namely the Flying Spaghetti Monster (FSM) god parody origin of humans should be taught as part of high school education. [1]

FSM | Pastafarianism
Shortly thereafter, the follow-up, Internet website based, parody religion “Pastafarianism” and accompanying parody “Church of the Flying Spaghetti Monster” (compare: Church of Elective Affinities) precipitated.

The following is an "In Pasta We Trust" parody of the "In God We Trust" motto:

In Pasta we trust

The following are selection of no religion type (aka none-type) dog tags, showing two people listing their religion type as atheism/FSM or Pastafarianism: (Ѻ)

FSM dog tags

Many people on Facebook, notably in 2005 to 2015, began to label their religious preference as "Pastafarianism".

FSM | Prayer
The following is 2017 FSM prayer pillow (Ѻ) made by an atheist nurse to give to patients if they ask her to pray to her:

1. Henderson, Bobby. (2005). “Open Letter” (Ѻ), to Kansas School Board.

Further reading
● Boxer, Sarah. (2005). “But Is There Intelligent Spaghetti Out There?” (Ѻ), New York Times, Aug 29.

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