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Bogdan Anghel nsIn music thermodynamics, Bogdan Anghel (1984-) is a Romanian electronic music producer noted for his 2010 EP Human Thermodynamics, released on June 14th, featuring four tracks representing themes of the science of human thermodynamics: [1]

1. Pressure correlations (5:27) - themed on the gas laws.
2. Phase transition (7:10) - themed on phase transitions topics, e.g. Gibbs phase rule, enthalpy of vaporization, etc.
3. Aerospace race (7:07) - possibly themed on human molecules flying or racing about like gas molecules.
4. Transport phenomena (8:03) - possibly themed on heat or mass transport of humans?

The four songs, which as depicted on the album cover (below), seem to be intending to represent a sort of semi gas-phase, semi surface-attached depiction of human particles or human molecules, flying about and interacting sort of like the particles of an ideal gas in a state of Utopian natural harmony with the earth. [2]

Cover design
The visual design of the cover (adjacent) is by Wonderboy. The fern-like background may possibly have taken its cues from the web design of the sun-infused beach-moss greenery in the header background of the 2005 site, as shown below; a site at which, on the the homepage, the subject of human thermodynamics is prominently explained by English physicist C.G. Darwin as a subject of the science the future in which gas-like "human molecules", in a statistical sense, are said to be governed by the "laws of human thermodynamics", based on statistical mechanics, as explained in the introduction to his 1952 book The Next Million Years.
Human thermodynamics (Bogdan)
Cover of Anghel's 2010 EP Human thermodynamics, featuring four tracks: (1) pressure correlations 5:27, (2) phase transition 7:10, (3) aerospace race 7:07, and (4) transport phenomena 8:03.

In other words, the artistic cover is themed on Darwin's statistical view of people as gas-like human molecules contained within "conservative dynamical systems", as Darwin puts it.

Anghel has been active in the electronics music scene since at least 2004 and he describes his interests using the following key words: sound concepts, techno, experimentalism, minimalism, electricity, noise, layered imagination, flavors, dots, lines, circles, silence, poetic still, installations, experiments, old school, space, particle physics, elementary interactions, reductionism, patterns. [3] He is one of the founders of record label Local Records (, launched in 2010, aimed at promoting local electronics music in Bucharest. [4]

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