Brian Schill

Brian Schill nsIn hmolscience, Brian Allen Schill (c.1960-) is a paranormal investigator noted, in cessation thermodynamics, for his 2008 work on the physics of death.

In 2008, Shill, in his Stalking Darkness, attempted to explain death and ghosts in terms of thermodynamics and released bioelectric fields; a subject he has spent over a decade researching. Schill, interestingly, not only makes an attempt at discussing death in the context of the first two laws, but argues to explain the theory of ‘cold spots’, or anomalous regions of energy absorption, supposedly left by ghosts, in terms of the third law of thermodynamics. [1]

In 2009, at a Paranormal Conference, Shill was video-interviewed talking about death, energy, and thermodynamics. [2]

Schill has completed his BS in physics from MIT and is the founder of International Parapsychology Research Foundation, Pittsburgh.


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