Burin Gumjudpai

In existographies, Burin Gumjudpai (c.1974-) is a Thai physicist, cosmologist, and economist, noted for []

In 2019, Gumjudpai, in his “Thermodynamic Formulation of Economics”, a masters thesis in economics, building on Leon Walrus, Irving Fisher, Paul Samuelson, Johannes Lisman, and Wayne Saslow, attempted to ferret out an equation of state for economic systems. [1]

Gumjudpai completed his BS in physics at Chiang Mai University, Thailand, in 1996, his MS in physics at University of Sussex in 1999, his PhD in cosmology in 2003 at University of Portsmouth, and his MS in financial economics in 2020 at Naresuan University. [1]

1. Gumjudpai, Burin. (2019). “Thermodynamic Formulation of Economics” (pdf), Masters of Economics (Financial Economics), advisor: Yuthana Sethapramote, Institute for Fundamental Study, Naresuan University, Thailand

Further reading
● Gumjudpai, Burin; Sethapramote, Yuthana. (2019). “Nature of Thermodynamics Equation of State Towards Economics Equation of State” (Ѻ) (pdf), Proceedings of the 11th Silpakorn University Research Fair, Silpakorn University, Thailand; ArXiv.org, Jul 10.

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