Burned out

Burned out
Some images of people, likened to a used match, getting 'burnt out' in the rat race of the corporate world. [2]
In hmolscience, burned out (TR:7) is a thermal word referring, metaphorically or realistically, depending, to a time, situation, or state, wherein a person feels as though the fuel, mental or physical energy, or potential, to their ongoing social combustion reaction is spent, either in respect to direction, pace, task at hand, or sense of overarching purpose.

The following are related quotes:

IQ is thought to be a measure which expresses the relative ‘brightness’ or intelligence of any given individual.”
Catherine Cox (1926), Early Mental Traits of 300 Geniuses

“The intellect of William Sidis did not ‘burn out’. What the journalists did not report, and perhaps did not know, was that during all the years of his obscure employments he was writing original treatises on history, government, economics and political affairs.”
Abraham Sperling (c.1946) [1]

“For every child prodigy that you know about, at least 50 potential ones have burned out before you even heard about them.”
— Itzhak Perlman (c.1990), Israeli-American violinist

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Further reading
● Thims, Libb. (2019). Human Chemical Thermodynamics: Chemical Thermodynamics Applied to the Humanities Sociology, Economics, History, Philosophy, Ethics,
Government, Politics, Business, Jurisprudence, Religion, and Relationship (pdf). Publisher.

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