CH-based animation

column 14 (periodic table)
A section from the hmolscience periodic table, showing that column 14, wherein carbon C and silicon Si, are located, is the location of "intelligence", owing to the repeated geometry of electrons and protons in that column, which yields the property of light-induced animation.
In things, CH-based animation, as compared to powered CHNOPS+ element things, or Si-based intelligence (e.g. computers), or the now defunct (see: abioism) phrase “carbon-based life” (see: Si-based life), refers to []
Among animate things of a decisively "intelligent" nature, e.g. robots, humans, or monkeys, etc., it is found that the nature of this intelligence derives from the geometric arraignment of the protons, neutrons, and electrons of the elements of column 14 of the periodic table (see: hmolscience periodic table), the elements carbon C, for humans and monkeys, and silicon Si, for robots or computers, in particular, which have the property of light-induced electron-rearrangement or flexibility.

The following are examples of four related intelligent CH-based animate things, namely: retinal, DTA, AQ, and human, the first three with the ability to bend, walk, and carry, respectively, and the human, with the ability to bend, walk, carry, as well as to plan and think about other types of movements: [1]

Animate CH-based Things


BendingRetinal | C20H28O | Light-powered
Retinal (bending molecule)
Retinal bending gif
WalkingDTA | C14H10S2 | Heat-powered
DTA (walking molecule)
DTA walking gif
CarryingAQ | C14H8O2 | Heat-powered
AQ (carrying molecule)
AQ carrying
Human | CHNOPS+20 | Heat+Light-powered
Human (dancing molecule)
walking human gif
Here, to pause, we see that a human (a powered CHNOPS+20 thing), as a walking, talking, bending, thinking, dancing animated atomic geometry, is but a more developed atomic form than things such as AQ (C14H8O2), a carrying carbon-based thing, DTA (C14H10S2), a walking carbon-based thing, or retinal (C20H28O), a bending carbon-based thing, by virtue of the fact that as more atoms, e.g. sulfur S (DTA) or oxygen O (retinal), are added to the carbon-based animate thing, over the course of evolution (see: molecular evolution table; evolution timeline; great chain of being), from hydrogen to human, more advanced movement properties are acquired.

The following are related quotes:

Hydrogen is a light, odorless gas, which, given enough time, turns into people.”
Edward Harrison (c.1990) Publication (Ѻ); cited (Ѻ) by John Wiley (1995) in “Phenomena, Comments and Notes” (Ѻ); cited (Ѻ) by David Christian (2004) in: Maps of Time



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