CHNOPS plus (Thone, 1936) 2
A depiction of Frank Thone's 1936 picture of a plant labeled as a "CHNOPS plus" thing or system. [1]
In hmolscience, CHNOPS+, or “CHNOPS plus” (Thone, 1936), is a short hand device employed to defined a CHNOPS-based thing, such as a bacterium, plant, animal, or human, etc., as being carbon, hydrogen, nitrogen, oxygen, phosphorus, and sulfur based thing, PLUS (+) an additional number of elements, which varies per entity, e.g. 26 elements for humans. [1]

In 1936, Frank Thone, in his article “Nature Ramblings: ‘Chnops,’ Plus”, introduced the CHNOPS+ notation, by diagramming a plant, shown adjacent, as a “Chnops plus” system or thing. [1]

In 2012, Libb Thims, during research into the history of CHNOPS stylized notation, discovered Thone’s article, and thereafter began to incorporate this logic, via the "CHNOPS+", using the " + " symbol, style of notation, into his own terminology usages, to define things, such as a human, a CHNOPS+20 element existive.

1. Thone, Frank. (1936). “Nature Ramblings: ‘Chnops,’ Plus”, Science News Letters (CHNOPS, pg. 110; protoplasm, pg. 110), 30(801), Aug 15.

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