A Google-generated synopsis of "capitalism", meaning a country wherein trade and industry are privately controlled, rather than state-controlled.
In economics, capitalism, as can be contrasted with "communism", is a political ideology, in which []

In 2011, Robert Biel, in his Entropy of Capitalism, building on the work of John Foster and Peter Burley, attempted to discuss capitalism in terms of a revised thermodynamical interpretation of Karl Marx’s ecological economics theories. [1]

1. Biel, Robert. (2011). Entropy of Capitalism (entropy, 91+ pgs; human thermodynamics, pg. 352; thermodynamics, 7+ pgs). BRILL.

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● Kolaski, Erald. (2020). “The Physics of Capitalism” (Ѻ), Thermodynamics 2.0 Conference, Worchester Polytechnic University, Jun 22-24.

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