Charles Webster

In existographies, Charles Webster (c.1939-) is an English science historian, noted for his publications on the origin of “Boyle’s law” (1662), in respect to the earlier work or Henry Power (1653/1660-63) and his cohort Richard Towneley.

In 1963, Webster was associated with the City Grammar School, Sheffield, England.
In 1964, Webster completed his MS thesis on “The Scientific Work of Henry Power, M.D.” at London University. [1]
In 1965, Webster was associated with the philosophy department of Leeds University. [2]

1. Webster, Charles. (1964). “The Scientific Work of Henry Power, M.D.”, MSc dissertation, London University Library.
2. Webster, Charles. (1965). “The Discovery of Boyle’s Law, and the Concept of Elasticity of Air in the Seventeenth Century” (communicator: J. Ravetz) (abs) (pdf), Archive for the History of Exact Sciences, 2(5):441-502.

Further reading
‚óŹ Webster, Charles. (1963). “Richard Towneley and Boyle's Law” (pdf), Nature, 197:226-28, Jan 19.

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