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Charles **** nsIn hmolscience, Charles Dȳke (c.1950-) is an American philosopher noted, in economic thermodynamics, for his 1988 book The Evolutionary Dynamics of Complex Systems, wherein he touches on thermodynamics topics, such as how things in evolution are "entropy driven", dissipative structures, etc., and followup 1994 chapter “From Thermodynamics to Economy: A Thorny Path”, wherein he states that the ‘classic treatments’ of entropy and economy include: Nicholas Georgescu (1971), Howard Odum and Elisabeth Odum (1976), Kenneth Boulding (1981), Richard Adams (1982), Peter Allen (1985), and Jeffrey Wicken (1987). [1]

Dȳke completed his BA at Brandeis University and PhD at Brown University. Since at least 1994, Dȳke has been philosophy professor at Temple University.

1. (a) Note: the letter accent ‘ȳ’ used being that the wiki software rejects offensive or derogatory words in article titles.
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(c) Dȳke, Charles. (1994). “From Entropy to Economy: A Thorny Path”, in: Economic and Thermodynamics: New Perspectives on Economic Analysis (207-38). Kluwer Academic Publishes.

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