Chemistry poetry

Chemical equilibrium poem (by Remi Jones)
A "roses are red" stylized chemical equilibrium themed chemistry poem by Remi Jones. (Ѻ)
In hmolscience, chemistry poetry or "poetry chemistry" refers to chemical poems or poetry that employs chemical language and or chemical concepts, either to explain aspects of human nature and or to facilitate the learning of chemical concept via rhyme.

Chemistry poets
Notable chemistry poets, who intermix chemical language, via poetry, to elucidate human nature, on one way or another, include: Friedrich Schlegel, Mario Markus, Roald Hoffmann, and Mala Radhakrishnan, and . [1]

The following are related quotes:

“What inspired me to write poems? After I had more or less completed my scientific career, I realized that there was one domain about which physics didn’t give me answers, namely human nature. So I prepared myself for a journey within my old search for all corners of the universe. This included painting with the computer and writing a novel and poems. I write for people who think chemistry is cold and far from the humanities, for the literati, who reuse over and over the metaphors related to love, death, landscapes, and religion. Science renders an enormous amount of new metaphors for literati to enjoy.”
— Mario Markus (2013), poetry and chemistry interview [2]

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Further reading
● Goodwin, Annette. (2011). Science Unbound Through Poetry (§:Chemistry, pgs. 23-46). AuthorHouse.

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