Christian captain parable

Christian ship's captain
A depiction of the Christian captain who "steers" his life (reaction path) according to the tried-and-true waters of the Bible; and stays clear of the uncharted dangerous waters of atheism.
In anecdotes, Christian captain parable is an "atheism is the path to the dark side", and or destruction, themed parable, wherein the engaging in the atheistic works of Voltaire, Thomas Paine, and Robert Ingersoll are compare to the uncharted waters, with dangerous hidden rocks, that ship’s captains are advised to avoid, and thereby stick to the true and tested safe chartered waters mapped out by the Bible.

The Christian captain anecdote, as told by Vance Ferrell (2001), is as follows: [1]

“Have you studied Voltaire, Tom Paine, Robert Ingersoll, or any of those fellows?” asked a passenger as he stood by the captain at the wheel of a steamship.

“No,” replied the captain.

“Well, you should. You can’t fairly turn down their argument until you have thoroughly investigated for yourself,” the passenger replied.

“I’ve been captain of this ship a long time,” said the captain. “The charts that I work with tell me the location of the deep water, so I can safely guide the ship into port. When I first became a sea captain, I decided that I would not investigate the rocks. The experience I’ve known other chaps to have with the rocks has been sufficient warning for me.

“Over the years I’ve watched the lives of men who have read the Bible everyday and loved God. Those were the men who had solid families, stayed away from drink, and helped other people in the community.

“And I’ve also seen the others: the drunkards, drug addicts, criminals, and all the rest. Those are the ones who have nothing to do with God and the Bible, and who never attend church.

“No, I’ve made my decision; I stay away from the rocks. My mother taught me the Bible when I was little, and I worship and serve the God of heaven who made all things. I’m not a bit interested in anything that Ingersoll, Voltaire, and Paine have to offer.”

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