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Clifford PickoverIn existographies, Clifford Pickover (1957-) (CR:15) is an American molecular biophysicist, science writer, and genius studies scholar, noted for []

In 1998, Pickover, in his Strange Brains and Genius, seems to have been one of the first to comment on the correlation between milk and genius. [1]

In 2008, Pickover, in his Archimedes to Hawking, wrote about Gibbs on Clausius, among other topics. [2]
Pickover writing loft (2012)
A 2012 photo (Ѻ) of Pickover’s writing loft.

Pickover notably tweets Hmolpedia articles he finds interesting, e.g. greatest physicist ever (16 Aug 2015) (Ѻ), great chain of being (20 Dec 2015) (Ѻ), to name two; the latter was tweeted with the following existence equation (see also: equation of love):

Polymerization + Love = You

as follows:
Pickover equation (diagram)

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In circa 1978, Pickover completed undergraduate degree in something Franklin and Marshall College, graduating valedictorian, and in 1982 completed a PhD in molecular biophysics, with a dissertation on x-ray scattering and protein structure, at Yale.

1. Pickover, Clifford. (1998). Strange Brains and Genius: the Secret Lives of Eccentric Scientist and Madmen. New York: Quill.
2. Pickover, Clifford A. (2008). Archimedes to Hawking (pg. 339). Oxford University Press.

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