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Constantin Bratianu nsIn hmolscience, Constantin Bratianu (1946-) is a Romanian engineer and business management theorist noted []

In 2007, Bratianu began to work on the subjects of synergy, entropy, and thermodynamics, applied to concepts such as learning and team projects. The following is a representative quote: [1]

“The team management acts as in integrator at the team level: an integrator is a powerful field of forces capable of combining two or more elements into a new entity, based on interdependence and synergy. These elements may have a physical or virtual nature, and they must possess the capacity of interacting in a controlled way.”

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Bratianu completed a BS in engineering, specializing in thermo-energetics, in 1970 at the Polytechnic Institute of Bucharest, after which he completed his MS (1977), in nuclear engineering, his PhD (1980), in nuclear engineering, both at the Georgia Institute of Technology, the latter with a thesis on “Mixed and Hybrid Element Models in Fluid Dynamics”, and his doctor of management in 2002 at the Academy of Economic Studies Bucharest, Romania.
Bratianu then worked as a power engineering professor from 1970 until 1992 at series of universities, after which he began to migrate over to business administration. In 2012, he became professor emeritus of the faculty of business administration, UNESCO Department for Business Administration. Bratianu's areas of interest in teaching include: knowledge dynamics, knowledge management, intellectual capital, and strategic management.

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