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photo neededIn hmolscience, Cornelis Hoede (1936-2009) is a Dutch social mathematician noted for 1990 to 2003 social physics like publications, wherein he conceptualizes people as atoms, theorizing on concepts such as "social volume", social atoms, social velocity, etc..

In 1990, Hoede, in his Social Atoms, modeling people or society some way on the atoms of physics, i.e. social atoms, in which he employs concepts such as “social velocity”, based on ego theory and kinetics, "social volume", among others. [1] The following is a snippet of Hoede's physics-to-social variables table: [1]

Social volume (Hoede)

In 1990, Hoede, in his "Social Atoms: Kinetics", gave the following interpretation of social molecules: [2]

“Note that we have not said anything about the structure of the network formed by the atoms in the molecule. As in physics, molecules of the same kind may be in different states of excitation. Standard examples of social molecules are single persons with low nuclear social charge, solitaires, pairs of persons, and families. Two families, each consisting of father, a mother, a son, and a daughter may be identical according to our definition.”

Although Hoede does seem to use physics to make social analogies, as of 2000, he seems to model people simply as automata, and to use graph theory to make is models. [3]

In 2004, Yuri Tarnopolsky, in his “The Chemistry of Protolanguage”, was cited some of Hoede’s 2003 work on graph theory. [4]

In 2001, Hoede was on the faculty of mathematical sciences at University of Twente, Netherlands.

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