Cort Johns

Cort JohnsIn existographies, Cort Johns (c.1962-) is Swiss steam engine historian (see: history of the steam engine), noted for []

In 2019, Johns, in his The Lost Industrial Revolution, an expanded version of his 1992 PhD dissertation, attempted to stitch out the origin of the steam engine, starting with Ctesibius to Leonardo Da Vinci, Denis Papin, and Thomas Savery, with intermittent focus on steam engine based organs (his father’s profession). [1]

In 1992, Johns completed his PhD in economics with a dissertation “Technology, Culture, and Creativity: Factors Connecting Invention and Scientific Discovery”, at Hochschule St. Gallen, Switzerland.

Johns published book, content aside, has a number of poor publishing quality issues, such as over-large text, line spaces between each paragraph, no page numbers, and his references numbers 1 to 850, with no sort of chapter by chapter break up of the references.

1. Cort, Johns. (2019). The Lost Industrial Revolution: Lost in Antiquity (steam expansion, pg. #). Publisher.

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