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Androcles and Daniel
A comparison of Aesop’s fable of “Androcles and the Lion”, wherein the lion befriends Androcles after he pulls a thorn from the lion’s paw, with “Daniel and the Lions’ Den” of the Bible, in Daniel 6, wherein Daniel, after being thrown into the lions’ den, is not eaten because an angel appears and closes their mouths.
In religio-mythology, Daniel 6, aka “Daniel and the Lion’s Den”, is section 6 of the Book of Daniel, of the Old Testament of the Bible, wherein []

In 1926, Nathan Schmidt, in his “Daniel and Androcles” makes a connection between "Daniel and the Lions' Den" Biblical story, the older story of "Androcles and the Lion", from Aesop's fables (600BC), and other early Roman period Lion slave stories. [1]

Kanawha Country | Controversy
See main: Kanawha County textbook controversy
In 1974, in Kanawha County, West Virginia, a new secularly progressive school curriculum was installed wherein teachers were instructed to assign children the task of comparing Aesop’s fable story of “Androcles and the Lion” with the Biblical story of “Daniel and the Lion’s Den”, as recorded in Daniel 6. This was one of the sparks that lead to the enflamed year-long televised textbook controversy that ensued, resulting, in the end, in one person getting shot.

The following are related quotes:

“Have you seen the teacher’s manual? It says students should compare the Bible story of Daniel in the Lion’s Den to that [slave and the thorn in the lion’s paw] myth [Androcles and the Lion]. What does it tell our kids when they’re supposed to compare that to the Bible? That the Bible is just a bunch of fairy tales? That it’s all myth? That you can interpret the Bible any way you darn please, even if it rips the guts out of what it really says?”
— Businessman (1974), dialogue with Lee Strobel on Kanawha County textbook controversy [2]

“The most obvious example of an attack on the Bible is (Kanawha County Teacher’s Manual, pg. 38] where the children are asked to compare the fable ‘Androcles and the Lion’ to ‘Daniel in the Lion's Den’. The latter story is a fact as recorded in the Bible (Daniel 6:4-27). In the communicating book the teacher is supposed to ask a student to tell the story of Daniel in the Lion's Den and ‘if it is told in any detail, you could then discuss the similarities between that story and ‘Androcles and the Lion’.’”
— Karl Priest (2010), Protestor Voices [3]

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Joshua 10:13
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