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Mr RepzionIn belief studies, Daniel Sulzbach (c.1991-), aka MrRepzion, is an American YouTube personality noted for his 2011 to 2014 inside-the-mind deconversion chronological video uploads on his conversion from Christianity (2006) to atheism-curious (2008) to leaving-religion (2012) to deism (2013) to agnostic atheism (2013/14) to a retracted state of open discussion and "anti-new-atheist" (2014) in stance, though supposedly still identifying as an atheist (Ѻ), then in 2015 back to atheism-promoting; possibly similar to how people such as Peter Higgs and Noam Chomsky self-identify as atheist yet are against the new atheism movement. (Ѻ)

Deconversion | Overview
Sulzbach joined YouTube, as a teen, in a separate channel, in 2006/2007, making some videos, then with a strong Christian belief, of helping people who were going to hell.

In late 2008, or thereabouts, he subscribed to TheAmazingAtheist’s channel, when there were about 20,000 subscribers; he had 17,835 on (Ѻ) 12 Jul 2008.

In 2009, he launched “MrRepzion” channel, themed as a geek/gamer channel.

In 2011 had one of his favorite channels “The Amazing Atheist” was banned (Ѻ), from his parent’s house, per reasons of ubiquity of F-word profanity;

On 25 Mar 2012, in his “Re: Atheists Have Lost the War!”, he does response to a stupid Christian, as he says, video. (Ѻ)

On 29 Jul 2012, made a “Saying Goodbye to Religion” video. (Ѻ)

On 10 Jan 2013, made “Stepping Towards Atheism” (Ѻ), wherein he explains how he recently left Christianity for deism, how he is now, after reading books such as Richard DawkinsThe Greatest Show on Earth (2009), which a subscriber bought him, agnostic leaning toward atheism, stating that he has believed in evolution since age 18, but that his parents are evangelical Christians.

On 16 Feb 2013, made “Why I Choose Atheism” (Ѻ), wherein he tries to answer the question of why he has chosen to be an “agnostic atheist” or why he has chosen atheism in general;

In his “Re: From Christian to Atheist”, on 7 Oct 2013, he says (3:40) that he was religious up until 16-17 years of age, because, as he says, he had no one to question him on his beliefs. (Ѻ)

Soon thereafter, he starts making “Atheist vs Christian” commentary videos, e.g. “Re: Don’t Feed The Atheists” (26 Jan 2014)—which was Atheism Reviewed (Ѻ) on 30 Dec 2014—along with a draft debate series entitled “Face Palm Sunday”.

On 11 Jan 2014, made a “My Mom on Religion” video, with his mother. (Ѻ)

On 23 Jun 2014, posts on his Facebook page (Ѻ), that he is going to stop making YouTube atheism videos, per the reasons: “I have no desire to talk about or defend atheism anymore”, that he is sick of these “new atheists”, that he dislikes the idea of “atheist churches”, etc.;

His last two atheism videos seemingly are: “Re: Can Atheists be Moral? (Ѻ), on 24 Aug 2014, and “Re: Why Jesus is The Only Way!” (Ѻ), on 5 Sep 2014, a response video.

Channel stats
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The following are Sulzbach’s channel stats:

MrRepzion | Daniel Sulzbach (Ѻ)
Launch: 20 Dec 2009
47M views | 373 subs (127 v/s)

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