Dante Alighieri

Danti sIn existographies, Dante Alighieri (c.1265-1321) (IQ:175|#218) [RGM:51|1,260+] (Cattell 1000:42) was an Italian poet noted for his c.1310 Divine Comedy, wherein he tells the story of how he and Latin poet Virgil travel through the nine circles of hell towards, the ninth of which is frozen and at the center of the earth, where Satan resides, the location to which all heavy sinful matter is attracted; a logic based on an Aristotelian universe conception of things, where fire, being the lightest of the four elements, rises to the outer circles of the earth, in geocentric terms. [1]

1. Cooper, Leon N. (1976). Science and the Human Experience: Mephistopheles is Alive and Well and Living in the Space Age – Values, Culture, and Mind (Amz) (pg. 49). Cambridge University Press.

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