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David DarlingIn existographies, David Darling (1953-) is an English physicist-astronomer turned science-writer note for 2002 launched online Encyclopedia of Science, aka DavidDarling.info, with covers a number of Hmolpedia-overlapping topic and existographies, e.g. Harold Blum, origin of life topics, etc.

Darling completed his BS in physics in 1974 at Sheffield University and his PhD in in 1977 in astronomy at the University of Manchester, after which, as of 2002, he has lectured and penned some 40+ science books for adults and children, such as his Equations of Eternity (1993), a lay science book on the interplay between mind, matter, and mathematics, themed on the anthropic principle, his The Universal Book of Mathematics: from Abracadabra to Zeno’s Paradoxes (2004), his most popular. [1]

The following are noted quotes:

Life may arise inevitably whenever a suitable energy source, a concentrate supply of organic (carbon-based) material and water occur together.”
— David Darling (2001), Life Everywhere [2]

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