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David HilbertIn existographies, David Hilbert (1862-1943) (IQ:175|#216) [RGM:421|1,500+] (Murray 4000:11|M) (GME:12) was a German mathematician, considered by some as the “greatest mathematician of the 20th century” (Ѻ), noted for []

Hilbert was mentor of Emmy Noether, Ernst Zermelo, and Hermann Weyl.

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The following are quotes by Hilbert:

Mathematics is a presuppositionless science. To found it I do not need god, as does Kronecker, or the assumption of a special faculty of our understanding attuned to the principle of mathematical induction, as does Poincaré, or the primal intuition of Brouwer, or, finally, as do Russell and Whitehead, axioms of infinity, reducibility, or completeness, which in fact are actual, contentual assumptions that cannot be compensated for by consistency proofs.”
— David Hilbert (c.1920), Die Grundlagen der Mathematik (Ѻ)

“One of the properties inherent in mathematics is that any real progress is accompanied by the discovery and development of new methods and simplifications of previous procedures … The unified character of mathematics lies in its very nature; indeed, mathematics is the foundation of all exact natural sciences.”
David Hilbert (c.1920), Publication [1]

“I would ask whether anyone had proved the Riemann Hypothesis.”
— David Hilbert (c.1930), response (Ѻ) to being asked what he would do if he were magically awakened after centuries

“Every boy in the streets of Gottingen understands more about four-dimensional geometry than Einstein. Yet, in spite of that, Einstein did the work and not the mathematicians.”
— David Hilbert (c.1930), Publication (Ѻ)

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