Deconverted (2012)
American Seth Andrew's 2012 details his deconversion from being a dinosaur Ark believing Christian radio talk show host to reason-based atheism. [1]
In terminology, deconversion refers to the reverse of the conversion into religious belief; a removal of religious belief, practices, and faith from one's mind.

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In 2004, American Christopher Redford, aka evid3nc3, engaged into the deconversion, from a devout Pentecostal Christian (2001) to that of an “evidence-based secular humanist (2013), all of which is documented in his 2009 to 2012 “Why I Am No Longer a Christian” video series (see: Redford deconversion model).

In 2008, American Daniel Sulzbach, aka MrRepzion, engaged into the atheism-curious stage, and the documented his deconversion, via YouTube, in going from Christianity (2006) to atheism-curious (2008) to leaving-religion (2012) to deism (2013) to agnostic atheism (2013/14) to a retracted state of open discussion and "anti-new-atheist" (2014) in stance, though supposedly still identifying as an atheist (Ѻ), then in 2015 back to atheism-promoting.

In 2012, American Seth Andrews, a former dinosaur Ark believing Christian radio talk show host turned reason-based atheism, now-curator of and corresponding video-producing The Thinking Atheist, a top 20 YouTube atheism channel, published his Deconverted: a Journey from Religion to Reason, discussing insights such as: [1]

“The [moniker] ‘thinking atheist’ simply reflects the fact that my own liberation came when I stopped assuming and broke the chain of inherited belief through reason, curiosity and common sense. My freedom came when I began thinking for myself.”

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In 2014, Christian-to-atheism deconverter Kristi Winters made a two-part video on “deconversion research.” (Ѻ)(Ѻ)

Atomic theory | Belief conversion
In science, deconversion-like comparison example can be noted in comparing Ernst Mach and Wilhelm Ostwald, and how the latter deconverted to belief in atomic theory, whereas the latter would not make the conversion.

The following are related quotes:

“It takes the latter half of all of one’s lifetime to unlearn the falsehood that was instilled into us during the earlier half. Generation after generation we learn, unlearn, and re-learn the same lying legendary lore. Henceforth, our studies must begin from the evolutionist standpoint in order that they may not have to be gone over again.”
Gerald Massey (1883), The Natural Genesis

1. Andrews, Seth. (2012). Deconverted: a Journey from Religion to Reason. Outskirts Press.

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