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Deepak ChopraIn existographies, Deepak Chopra (1947-) (CIR:7|40) (CR:18) is an Indian-born American physician, turned new age writer, noted, in fringe science, as of late, as has been frequenting the atheism vs religion debate arena (see: Atheism Reviews), noted generally for his bridging of quantum mechanics, with Ayurveda (Hindu traditional medicine), with teleology, to promote a blurry version of quantum spirituality, classified by Michael Shermer (2010) as “woo woo physics”, whose work is cited by similar-minded scholars such as Lex Sisney. [1]

Quote generator
The following is a quote generator selection of Chopra’s views, i.e. words randomly put together from his Tweeter feed: [3]

The unpredictable undertakes self-righteous success
Your desire requires species specific truth
Eternal stillness is the wisdom of immortal miracles
The secret of the universe fascinates humble joy
The future belongs to intrinsic photons
Knowledge is the progressive expansion of photons

The famous “typing monkeys” model comes to mind here.

Chopra states that he was “spellbound” after reading Alan Watts’ 1951 The Wisdom of Insecurity, along with Carl Jung, who met at one point. [2]

Turnover rate
The following is a quote by Chopra on turnover rate:

“Quantum physicists have proven through radioactive isotope studies that 98% of the atoms in your body are replaced within one year. In three months your body produces an entirely new skeleton. Every six weeks, all the cells have been replaced in your liver. You have a new stomach lining every five days. You are continually replacing old blood cells with new ones. Your skin is sloughing off dead cells and producing a new skin monthly.”
— Deepak Chopra (1989), Quantum Healing (Ѻ)


In c.2010, Chopra, in the Q&A of a talk (Ѻ), was queried by theoretical physicist Leonard Mlodinow (Ѻ), a co-author of Stephen Hawking, who asked Chopra, as reported by Julien Musolino (2015), whether he would be interested in taking a course in quantum mechanics to straighten out his misuse of terminology; to which Chopra passively accepted, with the caveat that the day of the talk was 3/14 and that 3.14 was an approximation to infinity and that as long as the course would help him to understand the “infinities” (theistic code for god), he would accept. The two, of note, ended up collaborating (Ѻ) in the book War of the Worldviews (2011).

Quotes | On
The following are quotes on or about Chopra:

Deepak Chopra has a MBA in gobbledygook.”
— TheF86Sabrer (2014), YouTube forum (Ѻ), 84+ likes, Dec.

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