In religio-mythology, demon, as compared to “angel”, refers to any number of god reduction rescripts of the dark side gods of the Egyptian pantheon, e.g. Set becoming the demon Satan (or devil), the chief of the demons in the Christian pantheon.

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“As for the opinions of Epigenes, Bienewitz, Cardano, Scaliger, let these pass because they are not apposite to the subject and I do not have the at hand right now a copy of their work. As for whether storms are stirred by demons, as Paracelsus holds, this should be discussed at some length and a distinction should be made between the demons.”
Otto Guericke (1665), “Reply Letter to Sanislaus Lubienietzki”, Mar 29; in New Experiments on the Vacuum of Space (pg. 289)

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● Mack, Carol K and Mack, Dinah. (1998). A Field Guide to Demons, Fairies, Fallen Angels, and Other Subversive Spirits. Owl Books.

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