DemosthenesIn existographies, Demosthenes (384-322 BCM) (IQ:160|#564) (Cattell 1000:36) (Singh 100:99) was a Greek statesman and orator; noted for []

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“A thousand Demosthenes, a thousand Aristotles can be laid prostrate by a single man of mediocre talent who has seized upon a better way to find the truth. Such a hope, therefore, must be removed: for indeed, men, more learned and superior to us in book-learning, will be found who, to the same of nature itself, can make that which is, in fact, false, true.”
Galileo (1632), Dialogue on the Two Chief World Systems; cited by Guericke in "Preface" to Magdeburg Experiments [1]

Hitchens was wonderfully witty, immensely erudite, seemed to have read absolutely everything, he could quote by the yard. He was a devastating wit and his opponents in debate had reason to regret taking him on. Martin Amis said that he would triumph even against Cicero and Demosthenes.”
Richard Dawkins (2011), comment (Ѻ) Hitchens passing, Dec 16

1. Guericke, Otto and Schott, Kaspar. (1672). Otto Guericke’s New Experiments: on (as they are called) on the Magdeburg vacuum space (Ottonis De Guericke Experimenta Nova (ut vocantur) Magdeburgica de Vacuo Spatio) (15+ diagrams, various pages) (preface, pdf) (pg. xvii). Janssonius a Waesberge.

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