DiogenesIn existographies, Diogenes (c.408-323BC) (IQ:170|#350) (Perry 80:2|Li) (ACR:26) (CR:12), aka "Diogenes of Sinope", was a Greek cynic philosopher, noted for []

Diogenes was the teacher of Crates, who was teacher to Zeno of Citium.

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“I am looking for an honest man (or real human).”
— Diogenes (c.340BC), response when queried as to why he was walking around (ΡΊ) in daylight with a lantern

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● Diogenes of Apollonia (c.460-400BC) (FA:14) Greek air philosopher;
● Diogenes Laertius (c.190-250AD) (IQ:155|#505) (CR:11) Greco-Roman philosopher historian;

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