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photo neededIn engineering, Donald Macy Liddell (1879-1958) was an American mining and chemical-metallurgical engineer, economist, and chess historian notable for

In 1922, Liddell, as editor of McGraw-Hill Handbook of Chemical Engineering, in the preface, situated the following cogent statement: [1]

“The matter of multiplicity of contributors needs no great explanation, for we are all used to this in the modern handbooks. I believe it is a common saying that Helmholtz was the last universal genius, and we are fast arriving at the point where even a single subject becomes too vast for one man. At any rate, whether or not any of my learned colleagues could write an entire chemical engineering handbook, I could not—hence the present form.”

Namely, aptly classifying German physician-physicist Hermann Helmholtz as the last in the lineage of last universal geniuses. The only other possible near followup to Helmholtz would be John Neumann, who also completed a degree in chemical engineering.

Liddell completed his AB in engineering from Johns Hopkins University in 1900, after which he began as an engineer for the Detroit Copper [2]

Donald Macy Liddell (1879–1958) is the subject of a recent publication: The Donald M. Liddell Collection of Chess Books and Other Volumes in the Liddell Family Library (privately printed, 2007); supposedly done by his grandson D. Roger B. Liddell. The introduction contains a biographical sketch of Roger’s grandfather, a consulting engineer by profession, and a prominent collector of chessmen as well as author of a standard book on the subject (Chessmen, Harcourt, Brace and Company, 1937). The volume contains extensive genealogical background on the Liddell and allied families, and on the ancestry of Roger’s mother, Jane Hawley Hawkes Liddell (Mrs. Donald M. Liddell, Jr.). (Ѻ)

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