Dorothy Sherrill

photo neededIn cessation thermodynamics, Dorothy D. Sherrill (c.1940-) is an American nurse noted for her 2010 booklet Thermodynamics: the Secret Life of Heat, in which she attempts, through mostly autobiography, to explain subjects concerning extrasensory perception, such as death, ghosts, remote sensing, male energy, female energy, emotion, etc., using sparse bits of thermodynamics terminology, mostly concerning sensory perception as a form of heat radiation. [1] Sherrill seems to focus on the conservation of energy and sites Peter Tait and Balfour Stewart, mentioning their 1875 book The Unseen Universe, on immortality. [2]

1. Sherrill, Dorothy D. (2010). Thermodynamics: the Secret Life of Heat. Dorrance Publishing.
2. Stewart, Balfour and Tait, Peter G. (1875). The Unseen Universe: or Physical Speculations on a Future State. Macmillan.

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