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Eann Patterson nsIn existographies, Eann Alexander Patterson (c.1955-) (DN:1) is an English mechanical engineer noted, in business thermodynamics, for his 2004 book The Entropy Vector: Connecting Science and Business, co-written with English engineer and business manager Robert Handscombe, in which, via citation to the dictionary-based ideas Nicholas Georgescu-Roegen, they apply entropy theory, e.g. low entropy, mental entropy, etc., to business operation to argue that managers should strive to find the “entropy vector” characterized by low entropy creation, low energy input, and high work output. [1]

In the about the authors section of their book, Patterson lists “working all hours god gives” among his interests, which would seem to classify him as Dawkins number of near to one.

Patterson completed his PhD, dissertation: Load and Stress Distributions in Axially Threaded Connections, in 1985 at the University of Sheffield. [2] In 2004, Patterson was the head of the department of mechanical engineering at the University of Sheffield. [3] Currently, he is the chair of mechanical engineering at Michigan State University. [4]

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