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Edmund HusserlIn existographies, Edmund Husserl (1859-1938) (IQ:170|#311) [RGM:311|1,260+] (Stokes 100:74) (PGT:18) (GPE:#) was a German philosopher, a top existentialism philosopher, noted for []

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Husserl, according to Google Books search results, seems to have been a dominate advocate, similar to Henry Adams, of the term “animate organism”. [1]

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The following are quotes on Husserl:

John Mill hand an IQ of 190, Ludwig Feuerbach had IQ of 180, and Ludwig Wittgenstein, Arthur Schopenhauer, Oswald Spengler, John Dewey, and Edmund Husserl all had IQ of 170.”
Economakis Michael (2012), “Finally the Liberal Arts IQs!” (Ѻ), Forum post, Apr 30

1. Husserl, Edmund, Welton, Donn. (1999). The Essential Husserl: Basic Writings in Transcendental Phenomenology (animate organism, 13+ pgs). Indiana University Press.

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