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photo neededIn thermodynamics, Edward Eugene Daub (1924-) is an American engineer noted for his 1960 PhD dissertation The Second Law of Thermodynamics and Christian Thought, on religious thermodynamics, and various articles on the history of thermodynamics in the 1960s.

In 1967, Daub, in his “Atomism and Thermodynamics”, compares the thermodynamics of Rudolf Clausius with William Rankine. [1]

Daub’s 1970 article “Entropy and Dissipation” discusses the history behind the entropy (misinterpretations) of James Maxwell in his Theory of Heat and later edition revision corrections, and how entropy relates to spontaneity whereas the notion of dissipation does not. [2]

In 1978, Daub published Fire, his most widely-held work, a children’s book discussing fire, its usefulness to humans, and its destructive elements.

In 1947, Daub completed his MS on “Thermal Diffusion in Liquid Mixtures” at the University of Wisconsin, Madison. [3] In 1960, Daub seems to have parlayed into the religious thermodynamics arena when he completed his PhD on The Second Law of Thermodynamics and Christian Though at the Union Theological Seminary, New York. [4] In 1967 to 1969, Daub was doing summer research on probability and thermodynamics, on a National Science Foundation grant, at the University of Kansas. [5] In 2003, Daub was professor emeritus of engineering at the University of Wisconsin, Madison.

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Further reading
● Daub, Edward E. (1966). Rudolf Clausius and the Nineteenth Century Theory of Heat. University of Wisconsin.

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