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Edward Sanville (new)In human thermodynamics, Edward Sanville (1981-) is an American computational chemist noted for his 2005 objections to human thermodynamics as a science. In particular, in commentary to American chemical engineer Libb Thims, Sanville expressed the view that: [1]

“I think human thermodynamics is pseudoscience. The interchanging of words with precise scientific meanings, i.e. bond, energy, reaction, hot, etc., with their everyday meanings is one of the cornerstones of pseudoscience. Of course human beings obey the laws of thermodynamics like everything else in the universe, but trying to apply equations which only describe larger systems of microscopic particles to analogous situations between human beings, just because the everyday and scientific words involved happen to correspond, [is a fallacious argument].”

Sanville completed his BS in chemistry in 2001 at the University of New Hampshire, New Hampshire, and his PhD in computational chemistry in 2005 at Dartmouth College, Hanover, New Hampshire. He is currently a research assistant in neural networking and quantum molecular dynamics at mathematical sciences department of Loughborough University.

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1. Sanville, Edward and Thims, Libb. (2005). "Human Thermodynamics: Science or Pseudoscience", conversation originating on Wikipedia talk pages (Sep–Oct). IoHT Publications.

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