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Edward Wiley nsIn animate thermodynamics, Edward Orlando Wiley (c.1950-), or E.O. Wiley, is an American systems ecologist noted for his collaboration with Canadian zoologist Daniel Brooks and their 1986 book Evolution as Entropy: Towards a Unified Theory of Biology. [1] Wiley and Brooks also collaborated with Canadian physical information theory philosopher John Collier.

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(b) Brooks, Daniel R. and Wiley, E.O. (1984). “Evolution as an Entropic Phenomenon”, in: Evolutionary Theory: Paths to the Future, ed. J.W. Pollard, 141-71. New York: Wiley.

Further reading
● Wiley, Edward. (1988). “Entropy and Evolution”, in: Entropy, Information, and Evolution (pgs.173-88). Eds. Weber, Bruce H., Depew, David J., and Smith, James D. MIT Press.

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